Student Reviews

“This class was so full of knowledge & you were so available to everyone! Thank you for always being so quick to respond to all the questions!  I followed along & did all the lessons but never posted anything. I feel terrible for it but just know that I learned a TON & got so much out of it.” ~Ashley Crawford, Ashley Crawford Photography

“This workshop was great for me because it helped to finally understand all the technical stuff that once used to drive me crazy.  I enjoyed going through the materials provided with the workshop.The pdfs were super easy to read through, and they were beautifully designed too. The topics covered were well explained. The videos were a great aid also.

Mostly, I loved how encouraging and optimistic Joyce and Heather are. Both are incredibly knowledgeable and flexible, and also so sweet.  I can say with all confidence that this workshop has changed my life, and the way that I see photography now. I’ve been shooting for 8 years straight, but after taking this workshop, I feel more passionate and confident about my craft. Thank you ladies for being my mentors!” ~Laura Pardo, Laura Pardo Photography

“I came in to this film workshop an okay film shooter, but will leave feeling assured of my abilities. Joyce and Heather will give you the confidence to take magical film images. Now I am incorporating my film images onto the main portfolio on my website! I am so excited to say that film now one of my skills, and it’s the medium that I will go forward with to achieve my dreams.” ~ Cate Wnek, Cate Wnek Photography

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I have completed the last Embrace the Grain workshop and even though I had been shooting film for one year, this course taught me so much. I am no longer spinning the wheels aimlessly trying to figure out how to meter for color and how to shoot black and white (film). PS I now adore black and white (film) because of this course.   ~Jody Nay

“I learned so much in the first two weeks alone from the Embrace the Grain Workshop. The following three weeks were an added bonus. The tutorials, videos and quick feedback from were priceless. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone starting out in their film journey. I love film even more now that I actually know how to meter properly! I am so excited to learn more from the private Facebook group as well.”  Shelley Tattam, Shelley K Photography

“Very organized and well put together. I love how you push everyone to do more.. and encourage– between your fb + ig shares… and featuring your students as an incentive.
Now I want a 1:1 :)” ~ Monica Reynolds, Monica Roberts Photography

“I typically shy away from forum workshops because you have to be so self disciplined to keep up with all of the reading, but I feel like there were so many interactive aspects that I kept WANTING to log in and participate. The videos are so helpful because I really need to see to learn sometimes, especially with learning about metering. The live Q&A sessions were really invaluable as well. I think I want to take this class 5 more times :-)”  ~ Maureen Soderberg, Twinkle Star Photography

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“you were ALWAYS available. always quick to respond to questions on the forum and that was huge for me. i got my questions answered quickly so it didn’t ever hold me back. and you have a great depth of knowledge about what you do. some of the tricks…i wish there were more to share!! bulb in and 45 down for portra…i don’t remember that ever being taught in college. i love hearing the tricks that have been successful from your knowledge. i also really loved looking at other people’s work and working on things together, as a group. laughing at each other’s mistakes and helping each other. thank you for providing that for us. the website and forum was extremely easy to use and access.” ~ Julia Bender, Julia Bender

“I couldn’t wait to take the workshop despite having a baby during the weeks the course was in session. I had a new passion for film that I really wanted to develop. I had no prior film experience but I had a 35mm that my grandpa gave me and wanted to know how to use it. I also could envision having film be a great outlet for me and really push my creativeness. To say that Joyce and Heather are great instructors is an understatement. They always answered questions in the forum very quickly and the feedback was detailed. As a beginner there was never a dumb or silly question. Now I am shooting film with confidence and exploring different film stocks and practicing what I was taught. Thank you!!!!” ~ Kari Wattenbarger, Kari Wattenbarger Photography

“Joyce and Heather are both so approachable and encouraging; I feel I could come to you anytime with questions, even now. Seriously, it was great. I learned so much. You guys inspired me as both a photographer and a teacher and I appreciate that SO MUCH. I’ll come back to those PDFs again and again. Much big love. XO!  After a bad in-person workshop experience this past summer, I’ll admit that I was hesitant to take another. However, Joyce’s knowledge and enthusiasm for film is contagious. What I so appreciate about working with her is that it’s clear that she and Heather want to help you find your feet in film and your own vision, and she does not want you to leave the workshop with any questions or any stone unturned. She exposes (pun intended) you to many aspects of film photography, leaving you interested in exploring things you never thought you’d want to uncover. No matter where I post, in the forum, on Facebook or Instagram, Joyce and Heather are always thoughtful and supportive.” ~ Lauren Keim, Still + Life

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“Joyce’s approach to film was so straightforward and fun. She challenged me with really helpful assignments that allowed me to identify the types of exposure and film stocks that best suit my vision and preferences. I found myself really loving a few film stocks that I had no idea existed–and others that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t love before I got started.

Throughout the workshop, Joyce and Heather Chang (our rockstar TA) were amazingly candid and sincere. The feedback they provided for each of my assignments was really beneficial and helped me to feel encouraged and learn more. The two of them were open books throughout the course. The only negative thing I can think of? They were both a little too enabling encouraging when it came to feeding my camera-coveting meanderings….it is rough not picking up lots of new toys!

If you love the look of film and want to learn how to create the images that match your vision, I cannot recommend Embrace the Grain highly enough. It is a gem! A true investment.” ~ Amy Bethune, Amy Bethune Photography

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“Thank you so much for a great workshop. It was exactly what I needed. I had been testing out film for the last year and half and this brought everything together for me in such a well organized, super informative class. I feel so much more confident in shooting film and getting the look that I want. I feel like I can trust the process now and that is a huge step for me.” ~ Jennifer Capozzola, Jennifer Capozzola Photography

“This has been one of the best workshops/classes I have ever taken. The information I have learned in this class has allowed me to go from being intimidated by my film camera to being excited to load it and capture beautiful images! Joyce and Heather are very knowledgeable about photography, digital or film. They truly care about their students’ learning and progress. They encourage us and are always willing to answer our questions and help us out. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn film photography!  Joyce, I know I have said this before, but I am so glad that I met you that Saturday morning because after almost a year of having my film camera tucked away collecting dust, now I am able to capture images. They are not perfect, but they make me happy! 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your help and patience!!” ~ Aidee Cepeda