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What makes EMBRACE THE GRAIN WORKSHOP different from others?  Read on!


Workshop Syllabus and Details:

Tuition: $300 for an active participation seat

  • Embrace the Grain is a detailed and thorough course taught in an interactive private workshop platform, Ruzuku, where you will be learning along-side other students.  The class material is aimed to teach you the complete knowledge of shooting film without all the “fluff” and “fillers” so you can handle every situation with ease and to create beautiful imagery with YOUR own vision and in YOUR own style.   What else’s better than learning at the comfort of your own home or office?  This course is an instructor led and self paced workshop with the extra travel expenses to accommodate your busy schedule.

    Embrace the Grain Workshop is designed to fit all learning styles.  First, class lessons are delivered in smaller pieces each day so it’s easy to keep up and promote deeper comprehension.  Next, bonus features, discussions and special videos are presented to encourage learning and to inspire creativity.  In addition, weekly assignment is included to promote active and hands-on learning, and to apply what was presented in the lecture material to “real life” scenarios so you are able to to think critically before each shot .  This is not all!  Live broadcast Q&A hour is scheduled weekly so you can watch live demonstrations and submit your questions to be answered in real-time by the instructor, the TA and the special guest.  And finally, a detailed constructive critique is given to each assignment posted in the workshop forum to review all of the material presented.

    As a workshop instructor, my goal is targeted to strengthen YOUR creativity with a wealth of insight and range of tools to enable you to consistently produce beautiful film imagery that you love. I will work with you and explain everything so that YOU will understand.  No rock is left unturned here!  Heather, my TA, and I monitor the forum board simultaneously so the answers to your questions are always just minutes away.  At the end of the five weeks, you will walk away with a wealth of insight and range of tools  as well as equipped with a rock solid foundation and understanding of film photography to enable you to consistently produce beautiful film imagery that you love!

    Embrace the Grain is not just a 5 week online interactive intro to film photography course for the digital photographers. It is a community.  It is a family of photographers who love to learn, share and cheer each other before, during and after the workshop.

  • joyce+Joyce Kang

    Workshop Instructor


    I am a homeschooling mom of four boys (Jacob 14, Andrew 12, Noah 8 and Elijah 6) and a wife to my best friend for over 15 years.  Besides photography, I also teach Arts and Humanities to High School and Middle school students. I LOVE teaching and geeking out on art 24/7!!

    My journey with film started during college when I received an old mechanical Nikon FE and a set of Nikon prime lenses from my uncle who was a photography hobbyist and a Kodak employee many years ago.  In March of 2012, I fell back in love with film when I took a medium format camera on my cruise vacation.  I was completely smitten by the look of film!  and it changed my photography journey forever!  Today, I still shoot with that old Nikon fe camera given to me by my uncle.  In addition, my favorite medium format cameras are Pentax 645n & nii and Rollieflex 2.8C.  I still reach for the Nikon D700 from time to time, but film is my heart and soul!

    Besides photography and teaching, I love to indulge in a good book on Kindle, suffer incessantly from knitting-yarn-hoarding syndrome, and has a terrible addiction to any thing that tops with a heaping scoop of ice cream drizzled with hot fudge!  I am honored to be featured and published in several international photography blogs and magazines such as Click Magazine, Lemonade and Lenses, as well as international photography blogs such as Clickin Moms, Let the Kids, Little Bellows, In Beauty and Chaos, Clicking It Old School.

    Website | Facebook | Instagram


    heather+Heather Chang

    Workshop Teaching Assistant

    I am a lifestyle photographer from the Austin, Texas area.  I shoot a combination of both film and digital to capture the lives of my three boys.  I jumped feet first into the world of film photography in 2013 after reading a blog post on 35 mm film.  Out of pure curiosity she bought a Canon AE-1Program.  Before I finished my first roll of Fuji, I was hooked.  In addition to the Canon AE-1P,  I also shoot with a Canon EOS3, a Yashica and a Pentax 645n.

    Website | Facebook | Instagram


  • WEEK ONE | Seeing the World in Black & White

    1. Introduce types of film cameras and film stocks
    2. Explain what is a film negative
    3. Introduce The Zone System
    4. Learn to see light critically and understand how to use it
    5. Learn rating, metering and exposing black and white film
    6. Tips and tricks I use for black and white film

  • WEEK TWO | Endless Possibilities with Color Film

    1. Introduce characteristic of Color Film
    2. Learn how to apply The Zone System in tricky light situation
    3. Learn rating, metering and exposing color film
    4. Shooting and metering back light on film
    5. Money saving tips on achieving consistency

  • WEEK THREE | Off Camera Flash and Studio Strobe with Film (optional)

    1. Review and catch up week
    2. fun with artificially lighting and film

  • WEEK FOUR | Get out of your comfort zone: Slide film, Instant film and Toy Cameras

    1. The importance in Seeing Light and Color
    2. Learn how Elements of Composition affect your film images
    3. Explore toy camera and other film stock options
    4. Go Retro Style with Instant Film
    5. Have fun with toy cameras

  • WEEK FIVE | Putting It All Together: Express yourself creatively on film

    1. The importance of Visualization
    2. The Mystery of Pushing and Pulling Explained
    3. Creative exposure using The Zone System
    4. Understanding Filter Choices and How They Affect Your Images
    5. Simple Post Editing to Correct Scanning Issues


    There are various bonus exercises, discussions and videos sprinkled throughout the five weeks to apply some of the key points you learned during each lesson.


    You will have one assignment each week except for week three to further enhance the concept taught during the week.  Active participation in weekly assignment is vital whether you are a full participation or a study-along student.  If you find yourself falling behind, that’s ok!  The key to learning is to actually work on the assignment.  The students will receive detailed feedback from me and my TA.


    Each week, a film photographer will be featured in your weekly lesson.  There will be a total of four [FOCUS] photographers . They are exceptionally talented and super generous at sharing their thoughts about film.  I am extremely grateful for their willingness to be candid about their experiences.  I placed each specifically for his/her attributes in, but not limited to, each film stock you will be learning that week.


    Live Q&A is invaluable to those that learn by demonstration.  A Live Q&A will be scheduled and recorded so you can refer back to it over and over again as needed.  You will also meet some expert in the film world and representatives from the lab and ask them questions live!

  • What is the cost of the workshop?

    It depends on which type of seat you are looking for.  An Active Participation seat is $300,  a Study-Along seat is $250.  I also have Alumni seats which is $100, but you must be a student registered in one of the previous workshops to purchase a seat.

    What is an Active Seat vs. Study-Along Seat?

    Both Active Participation Seat and Study-Along Seat allow you have 100% access of the workshop materials.  However, Study-Along students will not be able to  join in the discussions, ask questions or participate in live office Q&A sessions or receive feedback from me and the TA.  A Study-Along students are “observers” of the Active Participation forum.

    How do I register for Study-Along Seat?

    To gain the most out of this workshop is having an Active Seat.  I want you to get the best and the most for your money!  The study-along seat registration will open after the active seats are sold out.  There is only $50 difference between Active and Study-Along seat.

    What is an Alumni Seat?

    Alumni seats are offered to the past workshop students who have registered in one of the previous Embrace The Grain Workshops. Alumni seat holders can participate in discussions, ask questions, have access to current class material, videos, exercises, discussions, assignments and live Q & A. The alumni seats are also allowed to post assignments in the designated alumni assignment thread; however, they will not receive a detailed feedback and critiques.

    Do I have to be a member of the forum to take the class?

    No, you do not.  No additional membership or forum fee required to sign up for Embrace The Grain.

    How is the workshop structured? Does the class allow time for film scans on assignments?

    The workshop is divided into 5 weeks with a bonus week in week #3.  You can see the workshop syllabus here.  All workshop materials including lessons, videos, bonus exercises, discussions, weekly assignments and live Q&A sessions are presented within the weekly forum.  There is no set time you must be present in the classroom.  This course is completely instructor-lead and student-paced class.  You can read over the class materials, watch videos, post your comments and questions at your convenience.  I will check the classroom daily and answer any questions.   .  One live Q & A hour will be scheduled once a week where the instructor and the TA will answer questions and conduct active discussions  using Go To Meeting  software.  I will present an assignment each Wendnesday with Sunday as the due day.  The film roll from the assignment  is expected to be completed and ready for film processing by Monday of the following week.

    The workshop will remain open 3 weeks after week 5 to allow scan time for assignments from week 4 and 5.  If you need more time to turn in late assignment after the workshop forum closes, please feel free to arrange a time with me.   My TA and I  are very flexible and would love to work with you!

    How do I register?

    Registration will be open  on a Monday at 9am central time 2-3 weeks before the workshop’s start date.  Make sure to sign up for my newsletter for upcoming workshop dates and registration details below!



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